Advertising Strategy Designing

Get strategical work for Advertising & promotion. In the promotion & advertising our involvement is zero. we provide strategy for advertising & promotion. You can work on it by your own. This process is useful for entrepreneur to learn business advertising practically under the specialist guidance. Also it help to reduce expenses. 

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What you Get ?

Potential customers Sorting

You get potential customers idea. it is not customer list. But the categories where you can get your customers

Strategies for all types of Customers

Get advertising strategy for all types of groups or categories of customers. How to target them & how many ways of advertising etc.

Approx Expenses Calculation

Calculation for approx expenses for campaign. Average Break-Up provided for every type of Advertising.

Sources or Suppliers Information

Approx information of advertising services providers.

Periodical Revision of Result

Regular updates, revision of result from campaign. Calculating result we may provide some other strategies or changes if required so.