Offline Advertising & Promotion

Not everyone use Internet or Social media. In India 35% people Use Internet & 20% people in India use Social media regularly. So huge market is still need to be target through Offline advertising. 

Sometime advertising area is so small, or so outside that social media advertising cannot be used, or effective. Also only one advertising way is never suitable for campaign. You need to advertise through all the ways.  Offline advertising is useful to reach everyone in market. 

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How it Works?

Pamphlets, Brochure Distribution

It is very effective way of advertising to reach everyone in market.

News Paper Advertising

News papers are useful to reach huge amount of population.

Banners, Boards, Stickers

You can reach many customers for many days without any efforts.

Advertising from Vehicle

It also a good way of advertising as it can reach everywhere in less time

Sponsorship & Other local ways

Sponsorship is good way of advertising also some local advertising ways also used.